Fleet Services

Top Quality Fleet!
Servicing our vehicles allows us to ensure that our high standards are always met.

Dean Transportation was the largest private fleet in the State of Michigan to receive the highest possible safety rating awarded by the Michigan State Police School Bus Inspection Team, earning an “Excellent Rating” from 1995 - 1998. After cessation of the “Rating” sticker program, Dean has continued to achieve “Excellent” equivalent ratings in all but one year, in which it received a “Very Good” equivalent. For the 2005-06 inspection year, Dean was proud to be honored as the largest fleet in the State of Michigan to receive an “Excellent” rating from the Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Division School Bus Inspection Unit, and several of its local operations have enjoyed “Perfect” inspections.

Dean Transportation currently provides internal 24-hour (3-shift) maintenance for all owned and/or operated vehicles. Dean’s maintenance personnel currently possess over 300 years of in-house experience, covering basic vehicle care, heavy diesel, gasoline and propane engine repair along with specialized training in the maintenance of several different wheelchair lift mechanisms and wheelchair securement systems. Dean Transportation owns and operates major repair facilities throughout the state in Lansing, Charlotte and Grand Rapids.

Dean Transportation takes great pride in the quality of its fleet. With an average fleet age of 7 years and with over 40% of its fleet meeting EPA 2005 or better standards, Dean Fleet Services strives to go above and beyond Michigan State Police and Federal Department of Transportation maintenance requirements.

Dean Fleet Services and Dean Transportation are committed to being eco-friendly. Dean is on the cutting edge of having one of the most eco-friendly fleets in the United States and has been recognized twice for its commitment to a green fleet.